Top 8 Restaurants to Eat in Pampanga

Pampanga is in Manila’s northwest. This is the place where you could find the cultural theme park located in Clark Freeport, streams of Miyamit Falls, and Mt. Pinatubo which is filled with a turquoise lake. The province of Pampanga has a large population in the Philippines. As the culinary capital of the Philippines, it is full of fantastic restaurants that you should try.


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This restaurant is one of the most famous eateries in Pampanga. In 2009, Bale Dutung is part of the top-rank restaurant in Miele Guide magazine. Chef Tayag is the founder and he had a wonderful journey toward a different part of Asia featured in magazines and TV shows such as the Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” in the year 2008. Chef Claude Tayag started his love for Filipino foods when went backpacking in Europe. He lives there spending only $10 every day. He budgeted that money and then went to buy cheap alternative ingredients in wet markets.

With the experience he had by experimenting with various ingredients and recipes, he comes up with the idea to start his own business, and the birth of Bale Dutung began. It is not just the foods that will make people want to visit the place, but also the Filipino ambiance that will give you “probinsya feels”.



Tokwa’t Baboy and Sisig are the Filipino’s favorite. In Angeles City, this is said to be the most famous restaurant in town. This restaurant was founded in the year 1989. At first, they were just well-known for their Tokwa’t Baboy, but they tried different dishes later on. As of now, they are also famous for their delicious Sisig dish.

Mila’s Sisig is Kapampangan style. Locals love to gather in the restaurant because of the taste they have been craving too. According to other people who have tried Mila’s Restaurant, its Sisig dish is undeniably the best Sisig they tried.


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For those who love coffee and terrific dishes, this would be the perfect place for you. This café restaurant’s founder is no other than Chef Claude Tayag. He invented the name 1956 Downtown Café because he was born on the same date and the peace it offers to businessmen and middle-class type of people who are going out to have quality tie together which refers to the downtown atmosphere.


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This was founded by Chef Sau Del Rosario. He is a traveler, and he was inspired by various dishes from other countries. You will see in the restaurant that there are divisions of dishes. Some dishes are Thai-inspired. On the second floor, the dishes are special local dishes in Kapampangan.

If you love both, then it is like hitting two birds with one stone. The budget per head is at least PHP 600. This is the perfect restaurant for your family gathering or business meetings.


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Coming from the name “Everybody”, this restaurant is for children, adults, and elders. The dishes are perfect for everyone even for those who love exotic foods. They are serving their special dish of Betute or also called a frog dish. The favorite dishes in this restaurant are Pancit Luglug which is the glass noodles combined with delicious milk sauce and Mami which is the egg noodles combined with shredded meat and savoring broth. You have to try at least one of them on your next food trip here.


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Treat yourself after a stressful load of work. This fine-dining restaurant will surely wash away your stress. You can find this restaurant in Prime Asia Hotel, Angeles, Pampanga. If you want to try their dishes, you have to prepare at least PHP 1,500 per head. It is quite expensive, but it is all worth it. To give you an idea of what to order, choose Ahi Katsu and Live Oyster Inferno for the appetizer, Ossocubo Alla Milanese and Capllini D’ Angelo Al Rau’ Di Mare for your main dish, and Cannoli Sicilian to finish your meal.

7. B&B

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In the Philippines, street foods are popular. The founder of this restaurant has come up with a great idea to establish his own restaurant that presents beer and barbeques for it is a great combination of feast seasons. Aside from barbeque, they also have popular dishes such as Sisig and other dishes that represent Kapampangan.


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If you love Vietnamese dishes, this would be the right restaurant for you. Chef Rex is the founder of this eatery. Among Vietnamese restaurants in Pampanga, people say that it stands out among the others with Vietnamese cuisines.

So, what are you waiting for? Hop on these wonderful restaurants on your next Pampanga visit!