Top 10 Batangueno Food That You Will Surely Love

Batangas is famous for its top destination, the Taal Volcano. Lots of tourists are visiting the region to try horseback riding into the volcano to see its lake crater. They also have various beaches that you can visit during summer getaway. Other than these, they have something that people would love to try again and again. Traveling would not be completed without trying the authentic dishes one region serves. Here are some of Batangueno food and beverages that you should not miss out on your Batangas travel.


Kapeng Barako
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I’m calling out all the coffee-lovers out there. The aroma and the taste will truly excite your buds and awake your soul after the first sip of the coffee. Even without the creamer, it still tastes good. This is also the best pasalubong for your loved ones when you come back home.


batangas lomi
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Lomi might be a typical dish from other regions, but there is still a different taste when you try the Batangas Lomi. The Lomi in this region is super thick and it should be complemented with soy sauce, calamansi, and chili. There are lots of Lomi houses in Batangas. It has a variety of tastes, but the main recipe is still there. Don’t forget to grab your Lomi once you visit the place. It is also perfect during rainy days.


gotong batangas
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I often hear this cuisine called “Kulawo”. At first, I did not know what it means, then my friend said that it is the Goto of Batangas. The first thing that came into my mind when I heard the word “Goto” was the rice porridge with meat toppings, but I was shocked when I learned that it is a dish wherein it is a soup with beef tripe with no rice at all, though, it is perfect with rice.


bulalo batangas
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Who wouldn’t love this cuisine? Cooking Bulalo is quite long, but the time of cooking makes this dish delicious. It takes time to let the meat meet its right tenderness. One more thing that makes it more mouth watery is the rich taste of the beef. The basic ingredients added to this cuisine is the onion, black pepper, salt, and garlic. Sometimes, others prefer to put other ingredients such as potatoes and Chinese Cabbage.


tapang taal
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Taal is a famous tourist destination. It is where the name of this dish derived. The taste of tapang taal is kind of garlicky, but it is also the reason behind its great taste. Before, I thought that Tapa’s meat was only pork, but I realized that it is similar to pork. I am searching pork tapa in other stores, but the Tapang Taal still surpasses it all.