How to Make Cassava Carioca

Learn how to make delicious carioca using cassava! It’s so easy! Perfect for snack time and you can also add this to your food business!

Cassava Carioca Recipe Video:

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3 pcs large cassava or 4 pcs medium cassava
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp white sugar
3/4 cup brown sugar
cooking oil, for deep-frying

Cassava Carioca Recipe


1. Peel off the cassava’s skin.
2.  Grate the cassava. You should get about 2 cups of grated cassava.
3. Wash the cassava with water then drain it using your clean hands and a strainer.
4. Transfer the grated cassava to a mixing bowl.
5. Add the salt and white sugar. Mix well.
6. Get about 1 tbsp of the mixture then roll into a ball using your clean palms. Repeat until all the mixture is consumed.
7. Deep-fry the carioca balls. When the carioca balls turn slightly brown add the brown sugar.
8. Mix continuously until all the balls are coated with caramelized sugar.
9. Remove from the pan then drain excess oil.
10. Serve as is, or skewer 3 to 4 balls into a bamboo stick if desired.

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