How to Make Kutsinta (Cuchinta)

Kutsinta Recipe

Whether you want to make your favorite kutsinta at home or you are planning to add it to your food business, this recipe is perfect for you! Ingredients: 2 cups cassava flour 2 cups all-purpose flour 2 cups brown sugar Continue reading How to Make Kutsinta (Cuchinta)

How to Cook Poqui Poqui (Putaheng Ilokano)

Poqui Poqui Recipe

Poqui Poqui is an Ilocano vegetable dish that you can easily make at home! This recipe only requires easy-to-find ingredients and a simple cooking procedure. The taste is similar to tortang talong but more flavorful! Ingredients: 4 pcs large eggplant Continue reading How to Cook Poqui Poqui (Putaheng Ilokano)

How to Make Biko (Sinukmani)

Biko (Sinukmani) Recipe

Deliciously chewy and sweet! Biko or sinukmani with latik is the ultimate snack or dessert of every Filipino! Try this recipe now! Biko (Sinukmani) Recipe Video: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more awesome recipe videos! Ingredients: 1 kg glutinous rice (malagkit) Continue reading How to Make Biko (Sinukmani)