9 Filipino Pancit Recipes You Need to Know About

You are a real Filipino if you love Pancit in every variation. In different towns, there are various kinds of cooking Pancit. Pancit is a noodle dish popular with anyone. The well-known recipes of this dish are the stir-fried Canton and Bihon. In this article, you will learn further about the other variation of Filipino noodles.


Beef Mami
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This soup dish is the best comfort food during cold and rainy seasons. After school or work, you will surely crave with this mouthwatering Beef Mami. It is originated in China and developed by Filipinos. Beef Mami’s main ingredients are boiled eggs, egg noodles, tender beef brisket, and beef stocks.

You can mostly find Beef Mami in “Mami”-han and “karinderya” or food stalls. The best combination of this flavorful recipe is Siopao.


pancit palabok
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Typically, you can see this during feasts. It will not only relieve your hunger, but it will also excite your taste buds. This dish is made of shrimp sauce with various toppings. The toppings included are crushed chicharon, shrimp, tinapa flakes, fried garlic, scallions, and fried tofu. You can find this dish even in some fast-food chains such as Jollibee. Pancit Palabok is something you should not miss if you visit the Philippines.


pancit miki guisado
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If we are going to compare the noodles used in beef mami and Pancit Miki Guisado, Guisado has thicker noodles. Compared to other noodle dishes, the way of preparation is stir-fried. The other ingredients included in Miki Guisado are seafood, vegetables, chicken, and vegetables. To add smokey flavor into the noodles, grilled pork belly is added. This dish it the best food during snacks in the afternoon together with your family and friends.


pancit habhab
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The way of preparing Pancit Habhab is clearly Filipino-style. You need to eat it directly from the banana leaf piece. Although this dish is kind of similar to Pancit Canton, you can see the way it differs from each other. They are using dried flour noodles or also known as Miki Lucban. It has softer texture than the fresh miki noodles. If you think that you can’t eat properly using banana leaf, you can request a plate, though, it’s not the authentic way of eating it. If you want to try it more like a traveler who wants to try new things, you must go with the typical way of how to eat Pancit Habhab.


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This is the specialty dish of Batangueños. To cook Lomi, thick egg noodles is a must. Like any other pancit dish, this also came from Chinese, but it has variants dishes from different towns and regions. Although in various regions they have their own kind of Lomi, people would say Batangas Lomi is still the best. Make sure to try the authentic Batangas Lomi House. If you have a friend from Batangas, then it would be best to ask him which food house best serves Lomi.


pancit canton
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Let’s talk about the kids’ favorite. Well, I am not talking about the instant Pancit Canton you can buy in the market. What I am talking about is the homemade noodle dish. During special occasion such as birthdays and other parties, this is the favorite food whether young or old. The noodles used in this dish is the flour sticks. The ingredients added are sausage, shrimp, sliced pork, and variety of vegetables.


pansit bato
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Pancit Bato originated in Bicol, Bato Camarines Sur, to be exact. The preparation of this dish is cheap and affordable. You can use alternative ingredients if you don’t have the main ingredients. The best broth for this dish is chicken broth or chicken stock, but if you don’t have this at home, do not fret. You can use chicken bouillon in the dish. For more exciting taste, use Sriracha sauce to your dish, though, be careful with its hotness and spiciness. Better not use it if you are not into spicy foods.


chicken mami
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Here is another variant of Mami soup. This is another dish perfect for rainy days or even warm days if you prefer to eat a hot dish in hot weather. The same with the beef mami, this would be best complemented with Siopao. For a better taste of Chicken Mami, use chicken with bones. Most of the flavors of the chicken come from the bones.


pancit molo
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This is a different type of Pancit dish. The soup has Pancit Molo inside. To cook Pancit Molo, wonton wrapper is a must. Shredded chicken, shrimps, and ground pork is added wrapped into it. Add calamansi juice for better taste. Pancit Molo comes from Iloilo Philippines. It has a town called “Molo”, and that’s the place where Pancit Molo originated.