10 “Pampalamig Treats” Recipes You Could Try This Summer

Summer’s here! I’m sure we’re all craving for ice cold treats to quench our thirst and enjoy with our family and friends! I know you can’t wait to get your hands on our all time favorite Halo-halo or try something different. That’s why we’ve got here a list of 10 ice cold summer treats together with their easy recipes so that you could start making them at home!

1. Halo-Halo Recipe

Halo HaloWhat’s summer without Halo-Halo right? While there are several restaurants and stores out there selling Halo-Halo this summer, why should they get all the fun? Try making your own Halo-Halo with this recipe. See easy recipe here: Halo-Halo Recipe

2. Saba Con Yelo Recipe

Saba con YeloHere’s another summer star we’ve been craving for. The simplicity of mixed Banana and ice will surely get the heat out of your body. See easy recipe here: Saba Con Yelo Recipe

3. Mais Con Yelo Recipe

Mais Con YeloHere’s to the corny ones! For corn lovers, here’s an alternative to the Saba Con Yelo. See easy recipe here: Mais Con Yelo Recipe

4. Frozen Fruit Salad Recipe

Frozen fruit saladThis one’s a classic summer treat. Just make your delicious Fruit Salad, freeze it, and boom, you’re in for a treat! See easy recipe here: Frozen Fruit Salad Recipe

5. Ice Scramble (Iskrambol) Recipe

Ice ScrambleHere’s one we’ve all enjoyed as kids and we’re probably missing right now! Relive your childhood days and make an Ice Scramble today! See easy recipe here: Ice Scramble (Iskrambol) Recipe


6. Mango Ice Drop Recipe

Mango Ice DropWe don’t have to wait for Mamang Sorbetero and his jingling bell to get Ice Drops! You can easily make a Mango flavored ice drop on your own. See easy recipe here: Mango Ice Drop Recipe

7. Mango Yogurt Pops Recipe

Mango & Yoghurt PopsHere’s one treat I’m sure kids, adults, and even health conscious people would like. Make your own popsicle from Mangoes and Yogurt! See easy recipe here: Mango Yogurt Pops Recipe

8. Oreo Ice Candy Recipe

Oreo Iced CandyWe all love ice candies and I’m sure you’ve probably tasted a lot of different flavors by now. But here’s something new, make ice candies from Oreos! See easy recipe here: Oreo Ice Candy Recipe

9. Home-made Choco Chip Yogurt Ice Cream Recipe

Choco Chip Yogurt Ice creamWho says you can’t make ice cream at home? Now here’s a recipe you didn’t expect! No ice-cream maker or any equipment needed! See easy recipe here: Home-made Choco Chip Yogurt Ice Cream Recipe

10. Malaysian Ice Kacang (ABC) Recipe

Ice KacangLast and definitely not the least, let’s try something foreign. If you’ve been to Malaysia or Singapore, you’ve probably seen those colorful heap of icy treats. We don’t have to go there to taste it, try making their delicacy here! See easy recipe here: Malaysian Ice Kacang (ABC) Recipe



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