10 Best Longganisa Variants in the Philippines


pampangas best longganisa
Image from Istorya.net

You might have known the products of Pampanga because they have branches of Pampanga’s Best in the different parts of the country. Their longganisa is skinless and made of different kinds of meat; either chicken, pork, or beef. They also have a distinct taste – salty, sweet, and garlicky.


alaminos longganisa
Image from @kaye_landingin via Instagram

You can see that almost all longganisa has similarities, even with the color and shape. Instead of using the usual thread for them, they are using toothpicks to link them together. Without a doubt, Pangasinenses favorite is this delicacy. Make sure to bring this food to your Hundred Islands trip.


batutay longganisa cabanatuan
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Cabanatuan in Nueva Ecija is what they called the Longganisa Capital of the Philippines. For breakfast lovers, Cabanatuan is the right place for you. They have a variety of this delicacy, but the top of them is the bototay or batutay. This might sound weird, but people said that this is the most delicious of all. This batutay has a different taste for it has a garlicky taste and sweet treat for you. The original batutay longganisa recipe could be found in Aling Otya’s store.


tuguegarao longganisa
Image from Victor Villanueva via Flickr

The other term for this is Longganisang Ybanag. This delicacy is the most famous in Cagayan Valley. The recipe for this is minced meat and garlic. The color of this delicacy is slightly yellow due to annatto or achuete that is used for cooking this recipe.


lucban longganisa
Image from mikoyray via Instagram

This delicacy originated in Quezon Province. They are celebrating Quezon’s Pahiyas Festival showcasing Lucban and Lucban Longganisa. The recipe is also garlicky, but it has a distinct taste from other recipes. They are using a different type of vinegar and spices. Oregano is what makes the flavor and scent unique. If you would like to try the authentic longsilog Lucban, you can go visit the restaurant Buddy Pancit Lucban. Good thing, they are selling this in different parts of Manila with their various branches.

Do you want to try these recipes of longganisa but you don’t have enough time and money to travel to these regions? You can shop in the following stores:

  • Sonsi’s House of Longganisa located in Madison Square Pioneer, Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City
  • Longganisa Sorpresa located in SM North Edsa and United Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
  • Zoricho located in G/F of Silver City Mall, Frontera Verde, Tiendesitas Complex, Brgy. Ugong, Pasig City

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