10 Best Longganisa Variants in the Philippines

Originally, the word longganisa came from the Spanish word longaniza. It became the favorite breakfast of Filipino. Don’t you know that in the Philippines, there are a variety of tastes of longganisa? In every local region, they have their own distinct taste this delicious delicacy. People are being confused between the difference of longganisa and chorizo. To let your mind clear, let us talk about these two recipes. Actually, there is little difference between the two. Though, to identify longganisa, it has black pepper instead of paprika. The variety of longganisa depends on the meat they use. It is either chicken, beef, and tuna. Its cover was made by pig intestines that were boiled.

Here are the ten (10) best variety of longganisa that you must try once you visit each region:


bacolod chorizo
Image from thebellytalks.blogspot.com

If you are wondering about chorizo, this is the variety of longganisa. The chorizo also has two kinds: the chorizo hamonado or sweet-flavored style, and the chorizo recado or the smoky taste with salt and vinegar flavor. In Bacolod, there are popular stores selling chorizo. These popular stores are the Ereñeta Bacolod Chorizo and Manaloto’s.


vigan longganisa
Image from Denise Bentulan via flickr.com

This is the most popular delicacy in Vigan. Every year, they are celebrating festival showcasing this well-known product of theirs. Vigan Longganisa became popular for it has a unique taste that people want to come back for. The ingredients are made of meat and combination of sukang iloko (Ilocos sugar cane vinegar) and the local garlic coming from Sinait.


calumpit longganisa
Image from @plantchaser via Instagram

This longganisa is also known as longganisang bawang because they use much garlic in it. Although garlic is the main spice used for this longganisa, the taste usually comes from the black pepper they use. It is up to you how much pepper you want.


guinobatan longganisa
Image from Inbicol.com

Guinobatan is a town from Albay. If you are thinking that Bicol Express is the only popular dish in Bicol, Philippines, you are thinking wrong. Longganisa de Guinobatan is another popular dish in Bicol. Every year, there is Guinobatan Longganisa Festival held in town. The ground meat was not machine made but made by people with bare hands.


chorizo de cebu
Image from Adam Cohn via Flickr

Every tourist is looking for this delicacy together with the danggit and lechon. Instead of an oblong version of longganisa, Longganisa de Cebu or Chorizo de Cebu is red little balls linked together. The taste is not sour, but little spicy and sweet.